Beach  go  Round

Harmony of smooth music
from the Papaya with sound of ocean.

The Night Golf of hitting lighted balls
under the moonlight
at the beautiful Yuigahama Beach.

The Beach Clean preserving the Shonan Sea.

Saturday, August 17th, 2019
at the Yuigahama Swimming Beach
Live show
The beach house "Papaya"
The Night Golf
The beach in front of the
Yuigahama- Yonchoume signal
After sunset
The Night Golf starts
The live show opens
The live show(Micro from Def Tech)
The live show ends
The Night Golf Special Game starts
The Night Golf ends(The beach clean starts)
The beach clean ends

※Reschedule to August 18th in case of rainy or wild weather.

Music / Food & Drink
3,000yen(one drink included)
Night Golf
The new way to enojy golf using lighted balls
under the stars shining moonlight.
Hit the balls to the illuminated targets
in a fantastic atmosphere.
Get the special giveaway(first-come-first-served) by enjoying the Night Golf and follow #GolfLinkstheWorld and #FreeMind.
Special Game
After the live show, enjoy the special game to get giveaway(first-come-first-served)!
※The game limited to one per person.
Giveaway samples
■Sunrise Shack GDO original COCONUTS COFFEE
The Beach Clean
Clean the beach after the Night Golf!
Will have the Beach Clean to preserve the Yuigahama Beach and river environment. Please join us for the activity to preserve the Shonan sea after enjoying the Night Golf.
Co-organized by Shonan Vision Institute.
Music / Food & Drink
  • Organized by Shonan WorK.(Ailes Vainqueur)
  • Co-organized by The Yuigahama Chatei Association/The Sunrise Shack Japan
  • Sponsored by Golf Digest Online Inc.
Night Golf
  • Organized by Golf Digest Online Inc.
  • Supported by City of Kamakura
  • Co-organized by The Yuigahama Chatei Association/Shonan Vision Institute
  • Powered by The Sunrise Shack Japan/Shonan WorK.(Ailes Vainqueur)
  • It is mandatory to follow the instructions from staffs to prevent from accident and turmoil.
  • We may rufuse the participant's entry or cancel the event in case the participants do not follow the instructions from staffs and the notes.
  • The organizers do not take any responsibilities for any accidents by not following the instructions from staffs and the notes.
  • Please note that the part or the all of the event may be cancelled or changed inevitably due to bad weather, natural disasters and other reasons.
  • Please note that posting and portrait rights on images, movies, articles, records, and names and age and addresses(name of country or prefectural and city governments) of the participants to internet, newspapers, magazines, and TV during the event belong to the event organizers.
  • The organizer, co-organizers, supporters, and sponsors do not take any responsibilities in case of diseases, loss, damages, other accidents occurred during the event. Please secure belongings including valuables each other.
  • The transportation and accommodation expenses will not be compensated even if the event is canceled or postponed.
  • The organizers do not take any responsibilities for being late due to public transportation or road conditions.
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