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Golf Digest Sha Co., Ltd. company profile
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Golf Digest Sha Co., Ltd.


Founded: June 3rd 1961
Established: August 1st 1971
Head Office: 6-18-5, Shinbashi, Minato-ku Tokyo 105-8670 Japan.
Osaka Office: 1-11-4-405, Umeda Kita-ku, Osaka-shi 530-0001 Japan.


Magazines Regularly Published Monthly GOLF DIGEST
CHOICE (Quarterly)
Golf Digest Comic BOGEY (Quarterly)
Books, Magazine type
Books & Videos
Golf Digest's Books
Golf Digest's Magazine type Books
Golf Digest's Golf Lesson Video
Other BusinessGolf Digest Junior Tournament
Producing and Selling of Golf Digest Calendars and Diaries
Travel Agency (Permitted and Registered(No.1244)by the Japanese Government)

1961 Founded at Shinbashi 5-chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo
1961 Published 1st issue of Monthly Golf Digest
1963 Started the Golden Match Golf Tournament to determine the No.1 professional in Japan(Continued until 1970)
1964 Issued 1st Vol. of National Golf Course Guide
1966 Started 1st weekly type of magazine called "Golf Digest Special Edition"
1968 Started a magazine for Golf Course management "Golf Course Seminar"
1968 Started to issue Special edition of Golf Digest twice a month
1971 Established Golf Digest Sha Co., Ltd.
1971 Started the 1st Golf Digest Tournament at Tomei Country Club (The 1st JPGA authorized tournament continued until 1996)
1972 Special edition of Golf Digest Started to publish weekly, and magazine's title changed to "Weekly Golf Digest"
1973 Started to sell Golf Calendars and Diaries
1974 Head office building constructed at Shinbashi 6-chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo
1980 Started Bimonthly magazine "Choice"
1984 Founded "Driver of the year" Added iron section and extra club section later. Considers as "Club of the year" and develops into "Golf Digest Award"
1987 Founded "Lesson of the year" Develops into "Golf Digest Award"
1988 Established a travel agency, "Golf Tour Center"
1988 Started a magazine "Super Golf Digest"(Continued until 1993)
1988 Issued the 1st video publication, Golf Lesson Video
1989 Started a magazine for ladies golfer "HaRe"(Continued until 1992)
1998 Established commendation system, "Golf Digest Award",to a person or professional golfer who contributed to the improvement in technical of a golfer and the spread of golf. Also elect and commend "Lesson of the year","Club of the year","Readers Award",and "Junior Award". Annual event.
1998 Held the 1st "Golf Digest Japan Junior Cup" for junior golfer training. Annual event.
2003 Started a bimonthly video & dvd magazine "Lesson no Ohsama"(Continued until 2007)
2006 Started new paperback book series "Golf Digest Shinsho"
2011 Started new paperback book series "Golf Digest Bunko"
2011 Started to issue "Choice" quarterly
2013 Started to issue "Bogey" quarterly