To the Shareholders


“Golf Revolution” 2013

President Nobuya Ishizaka

Already 12 years have passed since GDO was born in early 2000 as an internet portal specialized in golf. In the beginning, providing a full scale online retail function, tee-time booking service, and a real-time online golf media was in itself, new and different. Of course, all of those functions are not special anymore and are a minimum service. Nowadays, PC and smartphones and tablets are mainstream. As for how to enjoy golf, this topic has also become innovative and an area of much progress.

But golf is still very closed and inaccessible for many people. But golf should have much more opportunity and should be more fun. That is why GDO has declared in 2013 “Golf Revolution”.

The more golf becomes open and versatile, the more golfers should feel freedom in mind and body. Golf in Japan has so much room to grow and so many unrealized capabilities.

What GDO can do to contribute to society?
We should achieve this by helping as many golfers as we can in improving and having more fun. To get to know the game and finding out more ways to make golf a part of our life.

Our corporate mission is to pursue this cause, and to connect the world through golf.

Please look forward to what we will do based on this year's concept of;
“Golf Revolution”.

President & CEO
Nobuya Ishizaka
February 2013